How the Borks Became

Jonathan Emmett and Elys Dolan

Otter-Barry Books

Hello again everyone! The latest book that Harriet and Stanley have read is ‘How the Borks Became’ which is a book that provided lots of conversation and discussion. It’s the first foray into the world of evolution for these two and it proves to be a really great starting point. Here is what Harriet and Stanley thought of the book…

Harriet (6)

I like the story because it is really interesting and it shows how changes can be good. It’s all about evolution and how things change in life. The blue Borks didn’t survive but the yellow ones did, then the short-necked Borks didn’t survive but the long-necked ones did. My favourite part was seeing the changes each time the Borks had babies. I really like the illustrations because there are some funny ones and some scary ones and they are all colourful.

Stanley (3)

I like all of the different creatures and finding out about them. I really like the flying red one (the Ravenous Snarkle). I really like the pictures because they are good and colourful.

This really is a great book and is perfect to open up the conversation about evolution with younger children. There is so much to look at from a visual standpoint and lots of great, child-friendly information about a topic that can be quite tricky to explain. It has been very much enjoyed in the Black household.

Thank you for reading!

See you soon!


Harriet and Stanley review the books they read. All run and moderated by dad.

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